The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Hours in a Coma

I wrote this for class today.

6 Hours: What is it Like Being in a Coma for 6 Hours?
I realized from this class I was too isolated. So I’ll be talking about what I went through when I was in a coma.

There was nothing around me giving me clues to the presence of what life was. I remember the low glare of the fluorescent light of the day. This was the only way I could tell at this point what time of day it could be. I remember the numbness of my body. I swear I could smell chemicals from cold air breathing in through my nose. It scared me. I look down at my white robe on me as it is distant from me as a person. It’s funny how you not become a person once you enter the hospital. I suppose as hard as they try this happens anyway.

Is my body revealing too much I’m thinking? I don’t know. My mind was so fogged and closed then. I knew the path I was going down next; I knew it all too well. I had been there before. The essence of fading life in me and the air that is usually so strong was now getting weaker in me when you start to lose life. I looked to the doctor’s strong glass frames on his eyes and his stern look …, to get nothing …, nothing from him. Did I say something he didn’t hear? I needed his feel, I needed this for comfort. But again …, I got nothing. Eyes so brown and so beautiful cradled in a tight white wrap were now brought out to me. The cold and emptiness around couldn’t take away the igniting feeling between need and want that was happening now between two beings. My son that was inside of me moments before was connecting with me so truly as I had felt when he was inside of me. It is sooo true that this happens for ALL you to know! But I was still too aware of my insides that were now laying on the gray, dull, steel tray next to me as my son was taken away-wouldn’t of known this had my doctor not told me and my ex-husband explained how the procedure is done when you have a C-section.. The rustling commotion from my cousin and the staff left too much confusion for me to understand as my cousin addressed should he be brought in now, or should I get him? So who was she bringing in? My abuser? It is scary right now. How could my cousin do this to me? I pushed my weak body to connect a short while. But this would not last. My son was taken away after I was told I could not get too close to him and I would drift off, for a while, a while of drifting scary memories of trying to come back for 6 hours while being in a coma. 

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