The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lori Jean Mixtape

Lori Jean Mixtape

My Special Gift Spot (Cont'd)

I drifted through life being told to sit and look pretty. Initially what happened is, I learned to do nothing to support myself. Waiting tables--which I was horrible at for many years--dropping things, etc., answering phones--weak from not eating--tried modelling (got attacked), and eventually settled into a higher office position--but then got injured from abuse because of my strong intellect (called a bitch). I stop and raised a son, running from abuse and living in a tent for a while in CA using candles to stay warm. I struggled and learned I had power. But somehow came back to music, with so many head injuries from abuse--in addition to the impairments I already had from a child from abuse, relating to it as to when I was child. I had to remember the simplest of things that were supportive that were said to me. I had to remember the times that were special to me to connect with. Having listened to my dad and mom's music a lot I connected. I would press my ears against my dad's large cushioned speakers, use my Sony Walkman constantly whenever possible, and my first sentence was, "Momma, please play this record". I came back to music again at this time.

Watch for more to come...

We're On XRP Radio Tonight

We're playlisted tonight 20 BST Scotland. Ned Euphorya and Lori Jean 'She Finds The Chords Herself' #xrpradio

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today (Con'td from My Special Gift Spot

Today I write music for children--being able to relate still to that magical place where I was once was-- so easily for me still today. I think the magic in the gifts we receive that are a part of our life's journey effect the total way we transform into our life and our work. The way we relate to situations and people are unique.  The conversations and words chosen are like no one else's. My Little Girl's Song Lamb from the song I wrote, Little Girls (In the Free Gift at, came so easily to me remembering just how I played outdoors with everything nature had to offer. Rocks for steak, moss for tea, and the sand and the trucks--Oops--that we weren't supposed to go near! But, the sand didn't get in our shoes, right! Lol

These times with nature were so important to me in my life; I could remember them so significantly to write a song about it--even with my impairments even from today. It's a magical, mystical world isn't it!

Coming soon with LJ lettering and the song carried around its neck!

The Angel Works Products Collage

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Special Gift Spot

I was told many times by the adults in my life that I had a serious near death experience when I was very young--and that these happened more than once. I passed through life when my mom interacted with some bad men out of fright to stay in this country. They put things into my body to keep me quiet. And those that wanted to cause me more harm would add even deadlier ingredients to it, and this continued throughout my life. But I had this space in my head that was only allowed to me that wouldn't let me communicate this back to the world. And I know now today, why my space is there and what it is to be utilized for. It is my special gift spot that was left for me to share love, message, and experience to others.

It's hard to picture a small child's body thrashing about in a seizure posture to stay alive as a gift. But the light of love above that enriched me to go on gave me these special gifts to share. I just had to learn how to use them.

More to come...

Abstinence of Sex: Powerful Benefits

Abstinence of Sex: Powerful Benefits

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Video Release "She Finds The Chords Herself"

Soundtrack " The Virtuous Woman" Story by Lori Jean aka Finnila


In the 1950's, a father leaves his daughter with a suitcase of her belongings to a Hollywood director--thinking this is in her best interests. Later, at 19, she finds herself at a window looking out while her now director-lover has orgies behind her. With no interest of this and curiosity setting in of what is out there in the world, she finds herself wrapped in a war between women and a hostage taker of herself--tied up to a bed post. She is pregnant and it is in question who the father is. But after running off with pimps that offer her a home and rescue, and hesitatingly subduing herself to them and their intentions, she then escapes through an open back gate and into a field to have her baby. She finds herself sexually and the meaning of what it means to be a woman and how to satisfy herself. She returns to the Hollywood forum and the director, she once knew as a father figure, dirty and ripped clothing, and smiles and leaves the baby with him, never looking back on Hollywood again.