The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Friday, October 31, 2014

More Skin as promised......

Pulling Out All The Stops

Getting ready for Nov 23rd at Concert Window, Lori Jean. Pulling out all the stops trying to get you guys to come to my free online concert. More skin next time, I promise.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunday Webcast Singing With Lori Jean - Concert Window Highlight

From my last show. Next one I have external music so it's not so rumbly.
And I'll have a background poster of Tim for his compositions I'll be
doing. And a very sleek, leopard spot and cream colored dress with a
further away view.


Are our supposed mentors bullshit artist?

We have celebrities (perse-they think they are???) lie to achieve-personal. Politicians-lie to achieve as well. No. 1 goal-everybody wants to achieve-achieve is happiness??????? Does God think this is happy? Who do you answer to? How shallow and thin are you? Obviously not happy if you are very shallow. Do you sleep well at night? Do you know what happiness is? I don't think so. Happiness is when you feel your body outside of itself. Happiness is when you feel the stars-not what you might want to be-silly person-childlike, immature, and selfish, the power of something not of yours, but outside of you, that you have been priveledged to. That is success and happiness. I had to do freewriting today after reading about Mario Cuomo and Sandra Lee.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dark Secret Creations: Dream Interpretation

Friends of mine that work hard at their business.

Dark Secret Creations: Dream Interpretation: Picture Taken & Designed By Dwayne & Melody Dream Interpretation The place where we all go each night, no not the bedroom. ...

Poss Thyroid Replacement

Besides injuries, my Hishimoto's thyroid is workin' up to replacement starting next year. Oh well, will bring me down to a bit more comfy size. Wish me luck!

Getting Hot!!

I worked really hard for this!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Entire Media Publishing Format

A friend of mine's gorgeously setup social publishing site with blogging, magazine, and social networking all in one place!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Continuous of 'The Bouncing Babes'

Continuous of The Bouncing Babes

Maude grows organic tomatoes in her garden cuz every time she tries to make something for Sally and her family she gets hives. The Fat Uncle of Sally's hates spiders. Sometimes there's bugs on plants that Maude cooks and brings to Sally's. Bugs in the soup, which is a problem for the Uncle. Bugs from the garden including spiders somehow keep getting into the tomato soups that Maude makes at the dinner table. This is because the pesticides are not strong enough. Maude needs better pesticides. Uncle Fatty, though very trained at jumping and flying-his game is off when he spends time at Sally's now cuz of this . He likes to give private shows for the kids on Sundays. This is an ongoing problem on Sundays with all of them. They all get together on this day. Comical but there is a solution. Maude's weakness is she can't seem to get past her family's product line of pesticides. That's why she's a big gardener. She can't know a great secret about her family's pesticide line and everyone else finds out. This will destroy Maude.

They all revolve around Maude's feelings. They have to ultimately choose between their feelings and the feelings of Maude's.

Longer Memories on the Run

 I move my sleeping son
I try to crouch in the middle
With my arms around my little one
He has somehow miraculously missed
Me this time
I can’t sleep
Once again I am out
I am gone
As the rustle of his red
Camaro leaves us one more time.



This is a poem that will go in my book Memories on the Run to the times when me and my three year old were running and hiding from abuse.

I see the card table, long and steel.
They bring back memories of yards with rocks, stones, and
An odd shaped house.
I’m out front trying to look regular.
The table is all I have to do this.
We have, or present to have a function.
It makes us seem more normal.
We are having a function.
Perhaps a party.
Perhaps we are just playing.
Will the table rust from the weather.
It looks so lonely out there.
Perhaps this table will help us.
It will helps us to bear to new airs.


True Story – An immigrant comes to American and sleeps with the authorities to stay here. Her daughter is portrayed as their daughter to get the men in and out on a regular basis. The daughter becomes pregnant as a teen. She is respected by her peers but racially degraded by her town.  The teen is taken to a large building and the young man who brought her there hands a woman an envelope. Who is the young man? Is he the one who got her pregnant? He proceeds to tell the woman he will sign the papers as the woman makes reference to the fact that the girl is underage. The girl looks bewildered by all of this. What was in the envelope? The young teen is given a drug to make her immobile to her physical thoughts and emotions to force her into an abortion to hide the evidence of the truth of the men's relations with her. Her baby after feeling its kick not too long ago is then dumped into a garbage can as trash-as they have always thought of her. Flash forward to a young woman in her twenties walking the streets of the city having flash backs of her child. She can’t figure out why she can’t get her bearing and why she is having these flash backs. The men to take her down the rest of the way aren’t too far behind. She will go through tantalizing torture of murder attempts with anesthesia and drugs in hospitals, threats of going to jail when she refuses to leave the police station trying to force and investigation, and a trick of theirs that she will never forget that takes her to depths that she’s never seen before. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Twisted Love by Lori Finnila


Woman is leaning on a mantle crying and rubbing wounds on her. Blood is pouring down her face. Shades are almost completely closed. The colors of the room are drab and faded. Some linens are torn. A slightly worn rope is tied to a bedpost of one end, other end is free.

There is dirt and rubbish in the alley. The alley is narrow but large enough for more than one person to fit through at the same time. The stones are dark on the walls of the alley with graffiti and cigarette burns on it.

The two main characters (Frank and Joan) have blood on their clothes. Joan has blood on her hands also.
(Has a fierce look on his face.)
So what are we going to do about the baby?

 (Smitten look on her face.)
This makes things more complicated.
(Takes Frank’s hand.)

Do we really have time for this? I know how much you love your victims. I know when they plead it gives you such great pleasure to come to me afterwards. I can feel you coming into me. Please take me….


(Panting, grabs Joan.)
You’re all I ever wanted. If I have to keep killing for you I will. This is my love for you. There is no love like loving the one you kill. Right?

Woman scurries to an open window that leads to an enclosed part of the alley that is hidden behind a dumpster. She pulls herself through and hides behind the dumpster.
That bitch!! She got out of the ropes.
She couldn’t have gone far. I gave her too many valiums.
Stupid! You obviously didn’t give her ENOUGH!!

The woman makes a dash out from behind the dumpster and runs past them. They go after her. There is a fight between them. The woman bites and scratches. Frank hits her hard on the head. She is somewhat unconscious.

You wanted that bitch! I know you wanted it. Tell me you want it!! Cuz I can give it to ya right here and now??!!!
(Barely breathing.)
I… want it….I doooo.

He rips her clothes off and rapes and beats her one more time.

Joan looks on with pleasure.

We do love her don’t we? It’s my turn next.
(She looks to the woman.)
Oh and by the way, when we’re finished that baby is ours. We’ll love it just as much as we love you.