The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Sunday, October 12, 2014


True Story – An immigrant comes to American and sleeps with the authorities to stay here. Her daughter is portrayed as their daughter to get the men in and out on a regular basis. The daughter becomes pregnant as a teen. She is respected by her peers but racially degraded by her town.  The teen is taken to a large building and the young man who brought her there hands a woman an envelope. Who is the young man? Is he the one who got her pregnant? He proceeds to tell the woman he will sign the papers as the woman makes reference to the fact that the girl is underage. The girl looks bewildered by all of this. What was in the envelope? The young teen is given a drug to make her immobile to her physical thoughts and emotions to force her into an abortion to hide the evidence of the truth of the men's relations with her. Her baby after feeling its kick not too long ago is then dumped into a garbage can as trash-as they have always thought of her. Flash forward to a young woman in her twenties walking the streets of the city having flash backs of her child. She can’t figure out why she can’t get her bearing and why she is having these flash backs. The men to take her down the rest of the way aren’t too far behind. She will go through tantalizing torture of murder attempts with anesthesia and drugs in hospitals, threats of going to jail when she refuses to leave the police station trying to force and investigation, and a trick of theirs that she will never forget that takes her to depths that she’s never seen before. 

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