The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Continuous of 'The Bouncing Babes'

Continuous of The Bouncing Babes

Maude grows organic tomatoes in her garden cuz every time she tries to make something for Sally and her family she gets hives. The Fat Uncle of Sally's hates spiders. Sometimes there's bugs on plants that Maude cooks and brings to Sally's. Bugs in the soup, which is a problem for the Uncle. Bugs from the garden including spiders somehow keep getting into the tomato soups that Maude makes at the dinner table. This is because the pesticides are not strong enough. Maude needs better pesticides. Uncle Fatty, though very trained at jumping and flying-his game is off when he spends time at Sally's now cuz of this . He likes to give private shows for the kids on Sundays. This is an ongoing problem on Sundays with all of them. They all get together on this day. Comical but there is a solution. Maude's weakness is she can't seem to get past her family's product line of pesticides. That's why she's a big gardener. She can't know a great secret about her family's pesticide line and everyone else finds out. This will destroy Maude.

They all revolve around Maude's feelings. They have to ultimately choose between their feelings and the feelings of Maude's.

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