The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Twisted Love by Lori Finnila


Woman is leaning on a mantle crying and rubbing wounds on her. Blood is pouring down her face. Shades are almost completely closed. The colors of the room are drab and faded. Some linens are torn. A slightly worn rope is tied to a bedpost of one end, other end is free.

There is dirt and rubbish in the alley. The alley is narrow but large enough for more than one person to fit through at the same time. The stones are dark on the walls of the alley with graffiti and cigarette burns on it.

The two main characters (Frank and Joan) have blood on their clothes. Joan has blood on her hands also.
(Has a fierce look on his face.)
So what are we going to do about the baby?

 (Smitten look on her face.)
This makes things more complicated.
(Takes Frank’s hand.)

Do we really have time for this? I know how much you love your victims. I know when they plead it gives you such great pleasure to come to me afterwards. I can feel you coming into me. Please take me….


(Panting, grabs Joan.)
You’re all I ever wanted. If I have to keep killing for you I will. This is my love for you. There is no love like loving the one you kill. Right?

Woman scurries to an open window that leads to an enclosed part of the alley that is hidden behind a dumpster. She pulls herself through and hides behind the dumpster.
That bitch!! She got out of the ropes.
She couldn’t have gone far. I gave her too many valiums.
Stupid! You obviously didn’t give her ENOUGH!!

The woman makes a dash out from behind the dumpster and runs past them. They go after her. There is a fight between them. The woman bites and scratches. Frank hits her hard on the head. She is somewhat unconscious.

You wanted that bitch! I know you wanted it. Tell me you want it!! Cuz I can give it to ya right here and now??!!!
(Barely breathing.)
I… want it….I doooo.

He rips her clothes off and rapes and beats her one more time.

Joan looks on with pleasure.

We do love her don’t we? It’s my turn next.
(She looks to the woman.)
Oh and by the way, when we’re finished that baby is ours. We’ll love it just as much as we love you.

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