The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Really Like What I Wrote Here:

I really like what I wrote here: In Class-searching for a topic for a research paper. While doing the Module One exercise I was able to narrow down the publishing topic. I came up with more of 'Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing' or 'Self-Publishing is Better than Traditional Publishing.' Another good one I found was 'Most Writers Will Not Be Published in their Lifetime.' This was not meant to be cynical, but where I have a short instructional class on this, and have even iReported a free non-vetted CNN report on this approach and how to do it, I feel this could also change people's dreams for the better-there is so much on this. I'm still confused which topic statement to use yet I have many supporting topics for this idea. Possibly the last topic statement is my thesis statement and then use 'Self-Publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing.' There is a great argument there, but you know... with my preliminary research I found most people are leaning, 60-40, to self-publishing-even the professional writer. And what do you think about Jennifer's idea? It's starting to draw me in. There are competitions at schools when training for music that I think can be eliminated to learn better. And though I could be accused of being jealous of the other competitors towards this stance, I really feel even this energy shouldn't be found in a place of learning. We only have so much time and money to learn and get support before we're thrown out there. We need support to fall back on to be ready for the real cruel world-there's plenty of time for that. I know I used my 8th grade teacher for support in writing when she was my only memory to a supporting link to surviving a really tough time in my life. Certainly more feedback from you would help on my final decision. Thanks!!
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