The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Isabelle's Eyes - Synopsis - Draft 3

Women Audience - Drama

The sun hits the blue-green hazel colors that surrounds Rosy Grace's iris's, hours before the worst day in her life. Just two or three days away from her 4th month of pregnancy, the baby inside the young teen mom's body, gives its first thrust kick as she rubs her tummy and contemplates, picturing the arrival of her baby girl to be named Isabelle.

After Rosy gets sharp pains, she ends up in the hospital. She discusses the fact with her doctor that she may not be the biological daughter of her father that she lives with, and has been known to her all if her life to be her dad. Her father becomes very ill following the admittance of Rosy. Rosy sits at a cemetery having a conversation with Isabelle about her father.

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