The Voice of Women by Lori Jean

The Voice of Women by Lori Jean
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Isabelle's Eyes

Women Audience – Drama

Isabelle’s Eyes

Young teen mom, Rosy Grace and her dad share a cabin on a lake. The morning sun always shines on her distinct blue-green hazel eyes. Following a discussion with her father telling her he is not her biological dad just two or three days away from her 4th month of pregnancy, the baby lets out its first thrust kick onto the young teen a few hours before the worst day of her life. She ends up in the hospital telling her doctor of the discussion with her father. The doctor disagrees, knowing her all her life and there never being any blood tests to conclude to this. The doctor tells her, "It's in those eyes, Rosy. They tell all."

Rosy loses her baby and her father. Rosy recollects painfully upon her father, traveling a journey of her past with him--concluding he is her real father. She addresses Isabelle one more time, placing flowers on her grave, “Had you been born, Izzy--and I know you were a girl--I could have told Daddy I was his. I would have known, cuz it was always in your eyes.”

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